Pet Surgery In Philadelphia, Montgomery & Bucks County

At World of Animals Veterinary Hospital, your pet is always in caring, compassionate hands with our team. We can perform various surgeries to treat existing health problems and reduce the risk for future disease, including spay and neuter surgery, mass removals, and foreign body removals. When it comes to pet surgery, we are dedicated to minimizing any potential risks and ensuring that your pet is as comfortable as possible before, during, and after their procedure. You can expect to be kept informed about all aspects of your pet’s surgery, from the reason for their procedure and how we keep them safe, to what you can do to help them recover at home.

Soft Tissue Surgeries We Perform

Below are some of the pet surgeries we commonly perform at our Philadelphia, PA animal hospitals:

Spaying and neutering

Mass removal

Laceration repair

Ocular procedures

Emergency surgery

How We Reduce Risk During Surgery

Our goals are to keep your pet as safe as possible throughout their surgery and minimize their discomfort so they can experience a low-stress recovery. World of Animals Veterinary Hospital follows strict guidelines at every stage of your pet’s surgery to achieve these goals.

First, we require that all of our patients receive a physical examination and have pre-anesthetic blood work done before the day of their surgery. These steps help us screen for underlying health problems that could increase anesthesia risks for your pet. It also helps us create a tailored anesthesia and pain management protocol for your pet’s procedure.

Our team also connects your pet to an IV catheter for the quick administration of fluids and medications. Fluids maintain healthy blood pressure and keep your pet hydrated while they are under anesthesia.

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