Pet Wellness Care In Philadelphia, Montgomery & Bucks County

Like all pet owners, we wish our four-legged family members could live longer. Thanks to advances in pet wellness and veterinary care, dogs and cats are able to live longer, healthier lives! They might not be able to live as long as we do, but our veterinarians at World of Animals Veterinary Hospital in Philadelphia, PA are dedicated to giving you and your pet as many years together as possible. We recommend routine wellness care as a driver of disease prevention in pets. By seeing your pet on an annual basis for an exam, lab work, vaccinations, and other necessary treatments, we can protect them from many illnesses and potentially extend their lifespan.

Wellness Recommendations for Puppies, Kittens, & Senior Pets

Click below to see our pet wellness recommendations for puppies, kittens, and senior dogs and cats.

The Main Components of Pet Wellness

Below are the core components of pet wellness care provided here at World of Animals Veterinary Hospital.

The wellness exam is a thorough procedure in which we conduct a nose-to-tail physical examination of your pet and perform baseline lab diagnostics to screen for disease and evaluate their health. When we perform the examination, we check every aspect of your pet’s physical appearance, including their nose, eyes, ears, teeth, gums, skin, and coat. We also check their limbs/joints, and paws and nails. Your pet’s heart and lungs will also be assessed with a stethoscope, and they will likely have their weight and body temperature checked as well during the appointment.

Your veterinarian is trained to detect abnormalities and ask questions to ascertain your pet’s condition at home. Because they are out of their comfortable environment, your pet may behave differently at the hospital and not as clearly show signs of a problem. If we do find any issues with your pet, we will let you know, chart our findings, and discuss treatment options.

Catching diseases early is always our goal when performing routine wellness exams. With blood and fecal testing, or additional tests, our team can find out more about your pet’s health and potentially detect an underlying problem that wasn’t apparent before.

World of Animals Veterinary Hospital is able to support pets with chronic internal conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and liver and kidney disease. Our diagnostic and treatment capabilities allow us to assess, treat, and manage these and other conditions effectively, but we are also happy to partner with specialists if your pet’s situation requires it.

Helping you understand your pet’s health, needs, and the treatments we recommend is so important to us. We want pet owners to be empowered in caring for their companions, and to know they can turn to us with any questions or concerns. Our team will gladly explain things to you in a clear and empathetic manner, and even offer demonstrations for things such as teeth brushing, nail trimming, and cleaning your pet’s ears.

World of Animals Veterinary Hospital recommends annual blood screenings for all dogs and cats. Blood work gives us information about your pet’s health and condition that we would not obtain from a physical examination alone. This is especially important because many pets do not show signs of an illness or infection until it has become more serious, and in turn more difficult to treat.

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