First-Time Clients & Patients

World of Animals Veterinary Hospital looks forward to welcoming you and your pet! Our team will be sure to help you both feel comfortable and relaxed, and ensure you have as much time as you need with your veterinarian. We are here to serve as your partner in your pet’s lifelong veterinary care, supporting you through the joys, challenges, and everything in between. Whether you need an appointment or a simple recommendation, we’re here for you.

Our goal at World of Animals Veterinary Hospital is to help your pet stay healthy, happy, and up-to-date with all their recommended treatments and preventatives. The core part of every visit is the wellness exam, a comprehensive physical evaluation that involves checking your pet from nose to tail.

To ensure as much time as possible for our team to answer all your questions, please try to arrive at your pet’s appointment at least 10 minutes early. We’ll review your paperwork (if your pet has medical records from another practice, please bring them!) and prepare a new file for your pet.

To save time at your first appointment, fill out your paperwork online.

We want our facility to be as safe as possible for all animals in our care, and for all the humans inside our building, too. First, make sure your dog is on a secure leash/harness (or in a carrier) when they enter our waiting room. If you have a cat, have them in a secure carrier, or attached to a leash/harness.

It is also important that your pet be up to date with their vaccinations. If necessary, we can update your pet’s vaccinations during their visit.

Your pet should also be current with their parasite preventatives.

All payments made at World of Animals Veterinary Hospital must be made at time services are rendered. To help minimize costs and focus on customer service and patient care, our hospital does not bill.

We are able to accept payments with all major credit and debit cards, along with cash and checks. All cards must be signed by the card owner.

Our hospital exclusively treats dogs and cats. If you have a pocket pet or other exotic animal, you can contact us to ask for an exotic vet recommendation.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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