End of Life Services

Knowing when an animal would benefit the most from a humane euthanasia is never easy. Our doctors are here to help answer the question


An appointment allows the doctor to make an accurate assessment of your pet’s cognitive and physical health to make the suggestion accurately. Do understand that you are not forced to make any decisions on the spot. For many of us, we need time to think things over, and that’s okay.

The choice to euthanize a beloved pet who is suffering is a deeply personal and difficult decision. We know this firsthand, not only as Veterinarians, but as pet owners. Euthanasia translates to “good death,” and its purpose is to make a difficult time more bearable for you and your pet. Humane euthanasia allows us to painlessly end the life of a sick pet beyond recovery to prevent unnecessary suffering.

No one but you can decide what is right for your pet. To those who are seeking advice, however, we do have some to offer. Consider the things which are necessary for your cat or dog to have a good day. These vary from animal to animal. For some, a good day may mean being able to take a walk around the yard or eat a meal without being prompted. If the things which make your pet happy become impossible for him or her, it may be time to consider euthanasia. We have also found that, though it is not uncommon for owners to regret not euthanizing a pet who was in pain earlier than they did, seldom, if ever, do owners feel that they euthanized a pet in pain too early.

Whatever your choice, it cannot be easy to say goodbye. Over the years spent caring for a pet, so much can change, and yet the companionship, comfort, and unconditional love the pet gives his or her owner remains. So when the time comes for pets to leave this earth, it is only natural and healthy that their owners grieve at their loss. There have always been and will always be those who do not understand the depth of the bond a human and animal can have and therefore cannot relate to the pain that follows when they leave us. But there will also always be those who do understand.

While some pet owners are lucky enough to have family and friends who are supportive, not all pet owners are so fortunate. In either case, know that we will be there for you and your pet through to the end. We provide euthanasia with compassion and expertise, and when the time comes, cremation services. We are proud to help animals say goodbye with as little distress and discomfort as possible. For more information on the procedure or to talk with a Veterinarian on your pet’s quality of life, please contact us today.

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