Pet Euthanasia In Philadelphia, Montgomery & Bucks County

Seeing your pet thrive and enjoy many happy years with your family is a privilege for our veterinarians and staff here at World of Animals. At our five locations across Philadelphia, we are dedicated to supporting you through all the challenges and joys of animal companionship. This is especially true at the end-of-life stage, when pet euthanasia becomes a necessary topic of discussion. Our team members have loved and lost pets, too, so we understand the sadness, stress, and possible guilt that often accompanies thoughts about euthanasia. How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye? That’s where your veterinarian comes in. They can help you figure out the best course of action for your pet so they do not have to suffer, and you can have peace of mind.

Knowing When It’s Time

Your veterinarian will help you evaluate your pet’s health and quality of life to determine whether it’s time to consider euthanasia. Some important factors in gauging a pet’s quality of life include:

  • Are they eating/drinking normally? Do they still have interest in food?
  • Are they able to get up and move around with minimal discomfort?
  • Are they able to eliminate normally, or are they having accidents in the house?
  • Are they less sociable and less active? Do they seem depressed?
  • Do they appear to be in pain most or all of the time?
  • Do they have chronic issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing?

These are just a few things we look at when discussing a pet’s quality of life. We need to be able to determine whether a pet is suffering with little to no chance of recovery, or if there are treatment options we can try to improve their condition.

Saying Goodbye To Your Pet

Pet euthanasia is a gentle, humane procedure for helping an animal pass away in comfort. World of Animals Veterinary Hospital will work with you to ensure that whenever you decide to schedule the procedure for your pet, it will be as stress-free and private as possible for you and your family. You can take as much time as you need with your pet to say goodbye and love on them. Whenever you are ready, our team will walk you through the steps of the procedure and carefully place an IV catheter to administer sedation so your pet can sleep peacefully and painlessly when they receive the euthanasia injection. Please know that we will not proceed with the final injection without your permission. 

Pet Cremation & Keepsakes

If you have any preferences for caring for your pet’s remains, we can discuss them before or after the euthanasia appointment. Some pet parents prefer to make arrangements prior, so they do not have to discuss matters during what is a very emotional time. Our team will accommodate you in any way you need. Contact us if you have any questions about end-of-life care, or about your pet’s quality of life.

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