Cat Butt Wiggle: Why Some Cats Shake Their Butt Before They Pounce

cat butt wiggle in philadelphia
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Cats will often do some funny and unusual things when they play. Many of these behaviors go over to when cats are hunting as well. One of these interesting behaviors is when cats shake their butts just before they pounce. This is the behavior that we will be focusing on in this article.

There are two possible reasons why cats shake their butts before they pounce. It is most likely that cats are just checking their balance or are warming themselves up before pouncing. They do this as a kind of last minute check.

The experts at World of Animals Veterinary Hospital in Philadelphia, PA wrote this article to explore why some cats shake their butt before they pounce. Let’s get into it!

It Helps Them Check Their Balance

Cats will need to have good balance to spring accurately. This is very important for a cat when they are hunting because messing up means that they also miss their meal. As a result, it is very probable that cats are shaking their butt to double check their balance in order to have the best balance possible when they spring.

They are Warming Themselves Up

It is also possible that cats are simply warming the muscles in their back legs up when they wiggle their butts before they pounce. This will help their legs perform better during the pounce, which will also allow them to strike more accurately.

Do Wild Cats Wiggle Their Butts Before They Pounce?

Yes, wild species of cats like tigers, lions, leopards, and cheetahs are all known to shake their butts before they pounce. They likely do this for the same reasons that domestic cats do. It most likely helps their balance and warms up their muscles before pouncing during hunting.

Is This an Instinctive Behavior or a Learned One?

Wiggling their butt before pouncing is most likely an instinctive behavior in cats. This means that they do this without really thinking about it. This instinct is most likely passed down by the domestic cat’s wild ancestors.

Do All Cats Wiggle Their Butts Before They Pounce?

Not necessarily every cat will wiggle their butt when playing and before pouncing. Even though this behavior is extremely common in cats, some cats just won’t do it. This is likely just a personality difference, and cat owners do not need to worry if their cat doesn’t wiggle their butt before pouncing.

Why is My Cat Shaking Their Butt at Me?

Now if your cat is shaking their butt in your direction and is not about to pounce, then they are likely shaking their butt for different reasons. Most of the time cats will do this as a friendly gesture, and they are likely trying to get their scent on you. Here we will be describing this weird behavior in a bit more detail.

Your Cat is Being Friendly and Affectionate

Cats will often rub their butts on each other when they are being friendly. While this is an unusual sign of affection from cats, it is most likely the reason why they are shaking their butt at a person they like such as their owner. They are just letting you know that they love you!

Your Cat is Trying to Rub Their Scent on You

Cats have glands that emit their scent around their butt. These glands are referred to as a cat’s anal glands, and it is the more technical reason why cats rub their butts on the people and animals that they are affectionate with. They are essentially marking you as theirs when they rub their butt on you. Cats shaking their butt at you are likely trying to do this.

Why Does My Cat Shake Their Butt When They Kneed Things?

Cats will usually wiggle their butts when they kneed things simply because they are trying to get comfortable. This behavior is similar to when dogs will circle in a spot for a while before laying down. This is another pretty normal behavior in cats, and cat owners shouldn’t worry if their cat does this.

Why do Cats Shake Their Butts Before Jumping?

Like with pouncing, cats will shake their butt before jumping either because they are warming the muscles in their legs up or because they are checking their balance. This is especially true if your cat is about to jump up high or climb up something very quickly.

Is it Normal for Cats to Shake Their Butts?

Yes, it is pretty normal for cats to wiggle their butts, especially when they are playing, hunting, or trying to get comfortable. It is normal for some cats to shake their butts more often than others as well. It is pretty much just a weird quirk that is linked to a more playful personality.

Should You Worry About Your Cat Shaking Their Butt?

No, you do not need to worry if your cat is shaking their butt, even if they do it all of the time. There are really no medical conditions or behavioral concerns associated with butt shaking at any time. So, you do not need to take your cat to the vet or an animal behaviorist if they shake their butt. This is especially true if they are just doing this when playing, hunting, or getting cozy.

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