Best Dog Parks In and Around Philadelphia

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Many dogs love going to dog parks, and most dog owners share this enjoyment as well. It is a good idea to do some research before going to the dog park to ensure that you both have a safe and enjoyable time.

If you live in or around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania then you are in luck! We have done the research for you and have compiled a list of the best rated dog parks in the area. These parks tend to be the safest and cleanest, and they also have the best amenities. Before bringing your furry friend to the dog park, talk to your veterinarian about making sure your dog is up to date with all of their vaccines, including highly transferrable strains of influenza!

Get ready because we are going to be listing our top nine picks for the best dog parks in and around Philadelphia, PA. We will be giving a general description of each dog park and why people love them so much. Alright, let’s get right into it!

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Seger Dog Park

Seger Dog Park is a fully fenced in community dog park that has plenty of room for your dog to run and play. There is also a dog water fountain and plenty of shade to keep your dog cool on hot days. There are plenty of spaces for dog owners to sit as well, and the astroturf on the ground makes cleaning up after your dog easier.

Though this park is open to the general public, a membership along with a donation is encouraged. This helps give the group owning the dog park funding for cleanups and amenities, which keeps the park fun and safe for everyone.

Oriana Hill Dog Park

Oriana Hill Dog Park is a neighborhood-run park that has a small group of regular visitors. The park is completely fenced in, and the ground is made up of a mixture of wood chips and grass.

You will need to create a membership with the dog park and register your dog. You can do this all online through the dog park’s official website. Having all dogs visiting the park officially registered helps ensure that all dogs are healthy and fully vaccinated before visiting the park. It prevents aggressive dogs from going to the park as well.

Roxborough Dog Park

Roxborough Dog Park provides a large, fully fenced in green space for dogs to run and play. It is reportedly kept very clean and is attended by friendly dogs and people. This park has a great small community of visitors that support one another and work to keep the dog park a clean and safe place for their pets. There is no separate section for small dogs, so this is important to keep in mind before visiting.

Schuylkill River Dog Park

This off-leash dog park is located along the Schuylkill river, and has separate fenced in areas for both large dogs and small dogs. It also has trash cans and biodegradable poop bags available to visitors.

This park is of a good size, but many reviews complain about the noise and popularity of the park, which can make some dogs anxious. Additionally, this dog park does not have natural grass and is instead made up of gravel and astroturf. This makes cleaning up after your dog easier, but some dogs and dog owners may not enjoy the artificial ground.

Palmer Doggie Depot

The Palmer Doggie Depot offers a safe, fenced in area for dogs to play in off leash. It is partially paved with cobblestone, and there are benches available for dog owners to rest while their dogs play. The dog run is kept clean and safe through a dedicated group of volunteers. Keep in mind that there is no separate space for small dogs to play, so this may not be the right park if this is important to you.

This is a free dog park for everyone in the community. However, the owners of the dog park have nonprofit status, so they can receive donations through their website. Of course, donations are always encouraged, especially if you regularly visit the park.

Mario Lanza Dog Park

This is a small fenced in off-leash dog park that has a water fountain and water bowls to keep dogs hydrated on hot days. Though the dog park is on the smaller side, it is still well-shaded and comfortable for dogs and dog owners alike. The ground also contains natural soil, which is better than pavement and astroturf for dogs that love to run around. Please note that there is no separate section for small dogs.

Columbus Square Dog Park

Columbus Square Dog Park provides a small, fenced in area for dogs to play and run off leash. It has also been newly redone by creating two separate areas for small dogs and large dogs. There is now also astroturf in place instead of gravel, which is much better for a dog’s paws.

It is also reported that there are benches for dog owners and a water fountain for dogs. Some reviews state that the water fountain is turned off during fall and winter, so you should bring some water just in case until late spring.

Lanier Dog Park

Lanier Dog Park is a fenced in dog park that has two separate sections for small dogs and large dogs. The ground is covered by astroturf, and there are also small pools to fill up with water. This will help keep your dog cool in the summer. In addition, the park offers places for dog owners to sit and relax as well as a space to give some water to your dog.

West Mill Creek Park

West Mill Creek Park is located in Narberth, PA, which is a short drive from Philadelphia. This is a dog-friendly park that allows dogs to be off leash, provided they are well behaved and have good recall. This park features a creek that dogs and humans can swim and play in.

Please note that this dog friendly park is not securely fenced in, and it is also fairly close to a main road. As a result, it is best to only let your dog off leash here if they have a good recall and are not prone to running off.


Whether you are the dog parent of a small or large pup, there are plenty of options for dog parks in and around Philadelphia. Before going to the dog park, be sure your dog is well-trained and fully vaccinated. This will not only keep your pup safe, but it will also ensure the safety of other dogs in the park as well.

For dog parents in the Philadelphia area, World of Animals has five locations to serve you and your pup. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact one of our locations today.

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